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Mon    9 am

Wed    2 pm

Sun    10 am 

Cast an eye over ABTC        acebook page if the weather looks iffy; Bruce posts changes to start times.

New players always welcome

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There will generally be a tennis net in situ on the middle court, ready for a quick hit


Keep the courts clean + clear please: NO SCOOTERS, BIKES, or SKATEBOARDS inside the playing area


Once you've enjoyed your hit you may be wondering how best to support a community run sporting intent to keep on climbing:

                          ● Tip your hat toward the old school Honesty Slot that's been affixed to our Clubhouse door since the 50s

                          ● Some choose to slip a fiver or a few gold coins through the slot

                          ● Others simply pay it forward with the good vibes garnered from an afternoon of cracker tennis

                          ● Us? We appreciate any way you play.


If you're inspired by Barty or curious about Kyrgios, a complete beginner wanting to try it out or an experienced player who knows all the shots: come down for a hit & check it all out. 


We’ll even lend you a racquet!           


We're a committed yet cruisy outfit, here because we love the game, & feel privileged to have a hit on one of Southwest Victoria's oldest clubs. 


Please use your name to reference your bank deposit.

The tennis club banking details are in the above membership form.

ADULTS    $50


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