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Apollo Bay Tennis Club – AGM


Monday, August 24th, 7.00 pm via Zoom 2020


Anna Dixon, Tim Cobb, Christine Holzer, Jane Buckingham, Bruce Atkinson, Jo Harrison


Presidents Report

Welcome y'all. Thanks for supporting the re-emergence & world domination of the Apollo Bay Tennis Club.

Since August 2019, our club & committee have achieved impressive results.


Big green ticks for:

  1. ABTC is once again registered to compete in the Polwarth Tennis League. We have 3 Junior teams representing The Bay in Division 2,3 & 4.

  2. As there were only 2 AB peeps able to play the Saturday competition, Bruce A and Anna D joined the Seniors team at Birregurra. However due to AB numbers in this category increasing, it seems likely that the upcoming season will also include a senior AB team = v cool.

  3.  Supporting the Netball/Football club with the negotiation and completion of the west court’s resurfacing.

  4. is now LIVE!

  5. Grant applications have all been successful, a remarkable achievement led by our tenacious Tim Cobb Thanks too to Terry from Wongarra for his assistance with several time-consuming Council matters. & we also formally acknowledge & unreservedly apologise for any pain or suffering caused; Sexy Terry’ is not an appropriate job title description & will be removed immediately from all new signage.

  6. Another grant application led by Graham C & Jo H resulted in our Heritage Listed(ish) Tennis Clubhouse being repainted. Our Apollo Bay tennis forebears would be royally chuffed.

  7. Applause towards Peter Bourne for creating and installing new signs around the club; most flash.


Thank you. Apollo Bay Tennis Club is GOLDEN


Presidents Report was approved unanimously



Treasurers Report – Chrissy Holzer


The club is healthy financially with income meeting outgoings.


Income and Expenses 1/7/19 to 30/6/20

Opening Balance                                                              $3,452.44

Income:               Petty Cash Deposit                          $  700.00

Subs                                                      $  895.00

Casual play/court hire                    $   85.55

Interest                                                $     4.60

Petty Cash                                           $   45.00                               

Total                                                     $1,730.15            


Expenses             Consumer Affairs/Tennis Vic       $  227.00

Balls                                                       $  120.00

Paint                                                       $  200.00

Key cuts                                                 $    29.50

Sanitiser                                                 $    13.00

Toilet Paper                                            $      7.55

Stationery                                               $    12.70

Paper Towel                                            $     2.75

Bank Fees                                               $     1.60

Total Expenses                                       $  614.10             

Income                                                                                 $1,730.15

Less Expenses                                                                   $  614.10

Total                                                                                      $1,116.05            

Closing Balance                                                                $4,482.94

Petty cash                                                                           $    85.55             



Balance Sheet as at 30 June 2020

Current Assets

Cash at Bank                                      $4,482.94

Petty Cash                                           $     85.55

Total Current Assets                       $4,568.49

Non Current Assets

Clubhouse (at historic cost)         $1,000.00

Nets x 4                                                $  800.00

Total Non Current Assets             $1,800.00

Total Assets                                       $6368.49

Current Liabilities                             Nil


Treasurer’s report has been reviewed by Secretary and President and was unanimously approved.

  1. Elect Committee for 2020/21

All positions were declared vacant and the following were elected unopposed


President                            Anna Dixon                        Proposed Tim                     2ndEd Chrissy

Vice President                    Jo Harrison                        Proposed Bruce                 2ndEd Anna

Secretary                            Tim Cobb                           Proposed Chrissy              2ndEdAnna

Treasurer                            Chrissy Holzer                    Proposed Tim                    2ndEd Bruce

Committee Member            Jane Buckingham              Proposed Tim                     2ndEd Anna

Committee Member            Bruce Atkinson                   Proposed Tim                    2ndEd Chrissy


The Club is delighted to welcome Jane to ABTC Committee as our Youth/Junior member rep – particularly as that part of the club is so flourishing.


   2. Roles for 2020/21


Anna       President               plus        Adult team,

Jo            VP                         plus        Clubhouse refurb completion

Tim         Secretary               plus        Contact with Shire & Netball re court resurface,

Chrissy   Treasurer               plus        Contact for Monday tennis, COVID hygiene supremo

Jane        Committee            plus        Youth/Junior rep and junior team contact                                          

Bruce      Committee            plus         Maintenance man extraordinaire

+              Ian Hamilton         Contact for Wednesday tennis 



  1. Set subscriptions for 2019/20    


It was proposed that subscriptions for 20/21 will be broadly unchanged

$50 for adults

$30 for youth members (18 and under)

$10 for junior members (12 and under) – reduced from $30

$10 for social members 



End of meeting 7.45pm

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